About Us

The Laundry Room is your local laundromat. it’s a place to get your linens clean. Our large machines can accommodate large blankets, Rugs, and Sleeping Bags, we can pretty much wash anything you have. Laundromats don’t need to be gross. We believe you should have a clean well lit place to do your laundry. Fresh paint, new bathroom and we upgraded our payment system with our very own app. Come in and give it a try. We will give you a free wash just for downloading and using our new app. The Laundry Boss Learn How. We are here for you, if you have questions please call us. If the attendant is not at the store they may be out making laundry deliveries. Please call us and we would be happy to help with any concern you may have.

Blue wall with washers clean and well lit
Blue wall with machines and painters working.

Our goal is to make sure you have a great experience in the Laundry Room! We know doing laundry is not fun, that’s why we want to do our best for you. We have Cable TV on all time, (and yes we will let you pick the channel) as well as FREE wifi for you if you would rather surf the web while you wait. We also have multiple charging stations around the store for electronic devices. The Laundry Room is your local Laundromat. We are also local to St. George and live and work here so we want to take care of our customers. We get it, most of you come in every week to do laundry and that means you can expect to have a great experience every time. Clean and well lit is what helps make this possible.